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Which colour t-shirts provide the best sun protection?

We did a bit of a survey and realised that most people thought WHITE t-shirts would provide the best level of UV protection. This is not a silly idea, but it is incorrect.

Generally speaking, white and light-coloured t-shirts provide about HALF the UV-protection (UPF 15-20+) that black or dark-coloured t-shirts can provide (UPF 50+).

While even with these figures it is still advisable to wear white or light-coloured t-shirts - particularly long-sleeved ones - rather than bare skin in the sun, if you really want to get serious about protecting yourself and your family from sun-related damage then select from our range of BRIGHT and DARK-coloured t-shirts.

UV-protection can be enhanced by using a lasting machine-wash fabric treatment. This is a cost-effective and easy way of adding greater UV-protection to not just your favourite t-shirts, but a whole bundle of clothing at once.

Example of UV sun protection treatment for fabric